Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where to Live

I've been wandering around Asia this last 4 years, I haven't found the right place that I would love to call home. Singapore it's too humid, while Bangkok can be very hot and I can't understand their nasal language, Hong Kong it's too crowded, and yes my city Jakarta, is packed with motorbike, and polluted air.

I should probably find other place beside Asia. Melbourne seems like a great option. While Sydney is too rough for me. And Auckland is too Korean. Seriously, get yourself to the city centre and you find yourself surrounded by countless Korean and Mainland Chinese with their tofu jacket. Even though Davenport is a very comforting to live.

However, finding a job to move to other cities outside Asia is not easy. One of the way is to get a Master degree in one of the big cities in the world and try to apply working Visa or post work study. Hmmm.. how about Europe?

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