Sunday, August 5, 2007

Life is Waiting

I'm waiting for my paycheque. Monthly paycheque. While waiting for it, I put myself in difficult situation, doing something that I don't like anymore. Oh yeah this job is so irritating. The initial brief from Account people is so exciting, but doing it, getting through thousand revisions and till finally you see your work (that is not 100% original anymore) at the news paper, next day, is so painful.

I'm sure there are another stories that wait for me outside this building. Story of one man who try to strive in big cities, chasing never ending possibilities, doing what he likes and finally settle down, or maybe not. Or maybe, at the end of the day, end up in this kind of situation. Again.
I don't know. But it's worth to try. Otherwise I would not know. But I know for sure, Life is Waiting out there. Cheers, I'm preparing my resignation letter now.

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