Sunday, March 4, 2012

Location & Location

I'm talking about how difficult to find perfect place based on specific location in London. I used to stay Canary Wharf area for more than 9 months. Which it's very convenient and quiet on weekend. Lived in the CBD area, like it or not, I always surrounded by people with office suits. There's a pressure for you to dress up little bit if wandering that area. Yes I know, I'm very pretentious.

But I don't wanna live in dockland anymore. It's too modern. And it's cold and windy during March. So I figure it out, I think I could stay somewhere in Swiss Cottage. It's very nice area. Surrounded by victorian houses, wine stores and accessible through 3 stations. However, the price is not really friendly. Especially for short term letting. Arrgh.

So this Sunday, it's final day to do viewing. And I hope I can find something suitable to live. At least for 3 weeks.

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